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Challenges of the Modern Workplace

Customers are wrestling with the idea of providing a productive environment using the latest technology, while at the same time figuring out how to maintain this new technology and keep their data secure. The result is a patchwork of different solutions, complex integration, lost productivity, and systems with security flaws due to not having the most up to date software patches and releases. This is where Microsoft 365 Business comes into play. By providing productivity tools, built-in security and simplified management in one package

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution that brings together best-in-class productivity tools, security and device management capabilities for small to mid-size businesses. Microsoft 365 Business is built to deliver the productivity tools and security services businesses need in a single, simple-to-manage product. It safeguards company information, extending security across users, apps, and devices. It helps ensure PCs are up to date and secure, helping prevent security vulnerabilities that cyber-thieves often exploit. It also provides protection for company information across devices, with the ability to remove company data from lost or stolen devices.

A holistic set of business productivity and collaboration tools

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access
  • Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint
  • Business apps from Office (Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager, MileIQ, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections,)

Enterprise-grade device management and security capabilities

  • App protection for Office mobile apps
  • Device management for Windows 10 PCs
  • Consistent security configuration across devices
  • Protection of company data across devices
  • Windows Defender, always-on and up-to-date

Simplified device deployment and user setup

  • Single admin console to setup and manage users and devices
  • Auto-installation of Office apps on Windows 10 PCs
  • Always up-to-date Office + Windows 10
  • Streamlined deployment of PCs with Windows AutoPilot

71% of cyberattacks target small businesses

It only takes hackers 4 minutes to get into your network, but 99+ days for businesses  to discover they have been breached. 60% of small businesses go out of business  after a cyberattack and the average remediation cost is $900K.

Small businesses have  to deal  with  the same  cyberattacks and  the same industry and  government data regulations as large companies – but without the big  IT department to implement protections.

Are you protected  against cyberthreats?

Ransomware and phishing  

91% of cyberattacks start with a phishing email. One employee  clicking  on a link in a phishing email could lock all users out of your systems.

Leaked data                                                    

58% of users accidentally  share information.  What happens  in your organization if an individual accidently sends a confidential  file to the wrong person?

Weak credentials

81% of hacking  breaches use compromised credentials. Are your employees  using  the same passwords for personal  and company  accounts?

Outdated  antivirus                                        

A new malware specimen  is released every 4.2 seconds. Can you be sure that all of your employees  are using  the most up-to-date antivirus  and antispam?

Mobile risk                                                                  

20% of workers use personal  devices for work without the employer’s  knowledge. Your employees  could be accessing sensitive company  information from insecure devices.

Lost devices.

A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. Are you able to wipe compromised devices remotely?

If you are not confident in the security of your company’s data and devices, you are not alone. Many businesses fail to make security a priority and are hindered  by complexity  and cost.

As a Microsoft partner, we can help

We can help you protect business data, including  sensitive information that lives in cloud  applications,  as well as guard  against accidental data leaks and improve compliance.  We typically begin  with an assessment of your current technology  and your level of security risk.

An integrated  solution  to help safeguard  your business

Microsoft 365  Business brings  together the best-in-class  productivity  of Office 365  with advanced  security and device management  capabilities.

Protect against security threats

Protect inboxes against spam and viruses, block ransomware and phishing attacks, and keep Windows  10 devices safe

Protect business  data against leaks

Restrict copying  and saving business information,  block sharing  sensitive information  like credit card numbers, and backup email to a secure archive

Control  access to business  information

Limit access to business information, protect shared documents, control business information  on mobile  devices, strengthen and secure access to devices

Why choose  Microsoft 365  Business?

•  Offers a simple, complete security solution  for customers of all sizes

•  Reduces maintenance  and management  costs

•  Aligns  with your business  goals with security built into your productivity platform

Why choose  us?

As your partner, we will provide  the guidance,  recommendations, and best practices to keep your business  data safe

from both internal and external threats with a simple, cost-effective solution.

Logicaltech provides you with the resources to better protect your business from data breaches to reduce your exposure to financial risk associated with Australian Data Breach Reporting and GPDR.


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