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Enterprise Mobility Solutions


With offices located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Geelong, LogicalTech helps deliver Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform to businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. As enterprise mobility continues to gain momentum, a growing number of companies are turning to IT firms to help them deliver fully-customized, cross-platform mobile apps to their employees, customers and partners.

Verivo and LogicalTech have combined their industry proven expertise to help companies accelerate business results through enterprise mobility. Leveraging Verivo’s mobility platform, LogicalTech assists clients in assessing their business needs, streamlining data integration and learning how to use Verivo’s platform to build, deploy and manage their mobility initiatives.

Build, deploy and maintain an entire suite of mobile apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablets. Verivo's enterprise mobility platform provides your business with a platform that does all the "heavy lifting" of building mobile apps and allows you to concentrate on your core business, rather than trying to become a Mobile App Development house. By utilising our code-free “best-of-breed” development tool, powerful server, and native client architecture, your company can:

  • Deliver mobile apps on multiple platforms
  • Access multiple back-end and external systems for your mobile apps

With Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform, you or your customers can:

• Design apps five times faster.
• Deploy simultaneously across multiple devices.
• Manage and update apps in seconds.

Why choose Verivo enterprise mobility platform?

• With Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform, companies can enhance their mobile strategies and business processes by designing apps five times faster, deploying apps simultaneously across multiple devices, and managing and updating apps in seconds.
• Only Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform empowers companies to build, deploy and manage apps quickly and easily to meet today’s market demands.
• The software empowers the corporate IT teams so they can own their mobile initiatives and not have to rely on third parties to build their mobile apps.
• The technology empowers corporate developers so they can eliminate the mundane, repetitive tasks and focus on creating and managing apps that impact their business.
• Verivo’s enterprise mobility platform is in demand by companies in multiple


How does Verivo Software work?

  1. Build your mobile apps via our App Studio configuration tool
  2. Our Verivo Mobile server stores the configuration of your mobile app and communicates with the mobile smartphones and tablets
  3. Our native client fully integrates with the smartphone/tablet OS and hardware. When launched it loads and displays your mobile app configuration

How is Verivo different?

  • The industry’s best, most comprehensive and streamlined platform with over 2,000 enterprise deployments globally
  • Rapid development and deployment of all your mobile apps
  • Real time mobile app editing
  • No coding and No code generation
  • Unlimited data integration to multiple data sources
  • Unmatched mobile app security
  • You stay in control of your mobile apps

More examples of Verivo Mobile Applications.

About Verivo
A leading provider of enterprise mobility software, Verivo Software helps companies accelerate their business results. Its unique technology empowers teams to centrally build, deploy, manage and update their mobile apps – rapidly, securely and across multiple devices. Hundreds of companies in numerous industries around the world rely on Verivo’s platform to drive their mobility initiatives. To learn more, visit