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Brown Brothers


Andrew Ross,
eBusiness Program Leader, Brown Brothers



Geoff Reid,
IT Manager, Bunzl


"LogicalTech have managed the entire IPND system on a 24/7 basis effectively for more than six years. In addition to designing and implementing the entire high security system within time and budget, they have continued to provide service to the telecommunications industry and users throughout Australia.
We have found their professionalism, responsiveness and comprehensive support of this large system to be first class."

IPND Manager, Telstra

Parks Victoria

"The strategic review and resulting roadmap for Parks Victoria's mobile initiatives have placed us in a much better position going forward. We now have clear mobility guidelines, a set objectives, and realistic goals to strive towards. The methodology used was simple and logical to follow and not overbearing like many other techniques that can kill an initiative by overcomplicating it. The delivered report is clear and concise with easy to follow examples and clear instructions about our next steps. The two consultants were very professional throughout the engagement and brought with them a high-level of insight and intellect. They were always courteous and patient with us and continually adjusted their approach to ensure Parks Victoria achieved the maximum possible benefit from the exercise.

I would like to thank LogicalTech for the review of our mobility strategy completed over the past two months. I, and my colleagues at Parks Victoria, look forward to continuing our relationship with LogicalTech."

Willem Poppparks_victoria_logo

Enterprise Architect & Application Support Manager, Parks Victoria

Utility Asset Management

"WorkXact has been in operation at our site for nearly three years and has become integral to our daily operation. Through careful consultation with WorkXact, the system has evolved to become a very effective management tool covering the wide range of activities that is undertaken by our company. The modular makeup of the system from Works Manager to Stores & Purchasing enables control of most components of our business and importantly enables effective security. As our needs have changed and our company grows nationally so has the evolution of WorkXact. Delivery of a second generation WorkXact matched to a SQL database allows us to continue to use WorkXact for the foreseeable future."

Cameron Davidson,
Field Services Manager, Utility Asset Management



"On saving time and becoming more efficient with one of LogicalTech’s Mobile Applications: “We used to take an hour and a half to three hours a, I go into a store, I enter the data as I am going through and I walk out of the store and I am done.”

Tim O’Loughlin, bunzl_logo
Sales Representative, Bunzl

McArthur Management Services

“LogicalTech have built a strong long term and consistent relationship with us because they deliver on time and through to completion with an outstanding service level.”

Shayne Dowker, National IT Manager,mca_logo
McArthur Management Services,


"The innovative system produced by LogicalTech SysTalk has allowed the flexibility of multiple distributed clients with different business rules, while still meeting performance expectations."

Michael Everett, logo_transol_small
Development Manager, Transol

Central Power

“Central Power Pty Ltd services the Electricity Industry in several areas throughout regional Victoria. We specialise in power line construction, maintenance, metering and servicing the needs of our customers. We use the works management system to record all work performed and invoice our customers based on the data recorded, we have found it to be a sound, reliable system, which has made a positive contribution to our business performance.

System modifications since implementation have enhanced our record keeping and improved data quality. The service and support provided in implementing these changes were first class and meet the needs and timeframes of our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending the works management system to any of your clients.”

Director, Central Power Pty LtdC_POWER_SMALL

Rick van der Meer

"I want to whole-heartedly recommend the community, services and assistance that Resource Central represents to prospective members. If you are an independent contractor and you are looking for a trusted advisor within a fraternity of likeminded individuals, look no further than Resource Central. From my experience, I felt at all times they had my best interests at heart, to the extent of formulating potential internal job offers. Resource Central remained selfless in offering assistance to me, particularly in guiding me with regards to the commercial aspects of quoting billing rates, which they willingly provided. They also run regular community professional development events which are well worth the time."blank

Rick van der Meer