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Managed IT Support and Monitoring Melbourne



Get the Value for Your Money with Our Managed IT Support and Monitoring Melbourne.

A team of IT professionals with various levels of expertise lets us assign the call to the appropriate resources.


  • A team of specialists in their respective areas of expertise collaborating to help your organization implement business solution faster. Helping you realize the ROI faster and helping your employees be more productive, thus making them happier – quicker time to value.
  • That same collaboration from this team of experts will develop an organizational-wide technology strategy. The goal of a managed services partner is to manage your organization’s technology needs the most efficient way possible thus making your organization more efficient. The more automated your organization is the more easily it can be supported.
  • A managed services partner is taking care of multiple clients which can provide economies of scale to your organization. Your organization will be more open to the latest and greatest technologies which can be implemented more cost effectively
  • Utilizing the reporting and inventory services provided by LogicalTech NetworX can reduce the amount of time required to deploy new IT solutions focused on increasing the new services or products provided by the client. This reduction of time to implement provides you with a quicker launch date resulting in benefits being realized quicker.

 Aligns technology to business objectives:


It is very difficult for most organizations to truly align technology to their business goals and objectives, mainly due to lack of expertise and knowledge. Managed services provides this expertise, by leveraging a team of experts in various technology disciplines. The result of this knowledge and expertise are:

  • Better utilized systems that are designed to improve productivity
  • Leads to employee satisfaction and your ability to retain quality resources.
  • That combined with the creation of automated or simplify processes now gives you the ability to consolidate roles/responsibilities.
  • In essence you now can truly do more with less and maximize the profitability of your organization for the long term.



 Establishes fixed budget for support and management:

  • Fixed fee for support and maintenance provides simplified budgeting and the ability to focus more on planning.
  • Cost of recruiting, retaining and training IT employee(s) are minimized or eliminated.
  • Organizations tend to be training ground for IT professionals to learn and acquire the skill to move on to bigger and better positions.
  • Technology professionals like to be involved in the latest technology and don’t like the supporting, documenting, and day to day tasks involving with managing an existing environment.
  • Managed Services enables you to break this cycle of recruiting, training and replacing existing staff.
  • Knowledge = optimization + consolidation = leverage existing technology investments.


Enables you to focus on your business:

  • IT is primarily a tactical part of business. Managed services will let you focus on the more important strategic aspects of your business.
  • By letting a team of technology professionals support and maintain your environment you will realize fewer disruptions, they are accountable and measured on this.
  • By taking a business perspective view of technology you should be able to purchase products that suit the long term needs of your business. Many times organizations look to solve pin point issues that they did not think of or understand at the time and as a result and buy product on that basis. This goes back to leveraging that team of experts who have seen and implemented like solutions many times, thus minimizing any product that is not required and getting it right the first time.
  • Reporting and trending analysis will be another service you would receive from LogicalTech NetworX. This gives you a proactive view of your technology and lets you plan ahead as opposed to reacting to issues.

Get the Value for Your Money with Our Managed IT Support and Monitoring Melbourne.
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