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Green IT Consulting


LogicalTech is the official New Media Partner for the International Green IT Awareness Week 2013.

International Green IT Awareness Week (1 - 7 June 2013) brings together the global network of Green IT professionals with thousands of tech journalists, CIOs, CTOs, IT Managers, sustainability professionals, carbon managers and more under one virtual roof. The week of education and action was developed to encourage individuals and organisations to demand more from themselves and their partners, holding each other to account for our impact on the environment. The initiative also aims to encourage those individuals and organisations to bring together their CIO, IT Directors along with their business managers, CFO and COE’s to start the discussion around what their organisation can do to green their IT infrastructure.

 “Green IT is perhaps the best way for any organization to get started with energy efficiency. Servers, laptops, and other IT equipment are typically refreshed every three or four years as part of an organization's strategy to keep up to date with technology” said Mario Misso, Chief Operating Officer of LogicalTech Group.

What can we do to help you?

Green Computing Solutions Consulting and Advice

Green Information Technologies, if it is not the core business of your company, is certainly a necessary and essential tool to your business. We offer one of the best consulting advices to help you make the best technology decisions in the development of your organisation of all sizes. LogicalTech Green IT Consultants are here to support you, to help you make the right green information system technology choices with three goals in sight:

  • Allow you to save money
  • Allow you to lower the energy consumption of your systems
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint

Green Architecture for Green Information Technology Sustainability Systems

To meet your organisation needs that your information technology sustainability system may had become cumbersome, or just not good enough, expensive, energy intensive and difficult to maintain; LogicalTech will review with you your overall architecture and redesign or assist you to evolve into an eco-optimized infrastructure model and sustainable IT architecture.

We can assist your information technology sustainability system and network architecture with:

  • Infrastructure Simplification
  • Increasing Virtualization
  • Economy of hardware and software
  • Rationalization of the use of IS
  • Decreasing energy consumption
  • Decrease the carbon footprint of IS

Green Information Systems Optimisation

It is clear that today, that many organisations’ servers are underutilized, consuming time (maintenance and management) and return on investment of the energy is rather low. The optimization, through the rationalization of the green information system is an important step in a sustainable  IT architecture approach, providing many benefits in terms of direct costs (your organisation’s equipment purchase) and indirect (your organisation’s energy consumption).

Sustainable Information Systems Virtualisation

Sustainable Information Systems virtualization allows you to host multiple physical machines onto a single server (or two for redundancy and high availability): it is also known as server consolidation.

Thus, it is possible to optimize the number of machines used in your production and in an eco-smart way to be a winner at all levels of your organisation with excellent.


Sustainable IT Data Management

The Information System of your company in a few years may became the holder of your corporate memory. Also, access to this memory must be efficient, fast and secure. In addition, we must protect this memory, save it to conserve and to restore it if necessary. We can offer your organisation with our technical skills and several solutions to this with:

  • SAN (Storage Area Network) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) installation
  • Backup solutions
  • Backup outsourcing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (D.R.P)
  • Business Continuity Plan (B.C.P)

Green IT Security & Integrity

Access to your data reliably and quickly, while having the certainty that these data are protected from destruction through a high quality backup are the first two requirements for the memory of the company. The third is definitely to make this secure and ensure the integrity of your organisation’s memory. We can provide different green computing solutions products to these issues:

  • Firewall Solutions
  • Protected access Systems (biometric, identification ...)
  • Data ciphers and encryption

Green Computing Solutions Hardware and Computing Software

We are Green IT partner with leading manufacturers and supplier for all sustainable IT hardware and software green computing solutions products which are among the most sustainable IT architecture and most environmentally friendly. As part of the sale of your hardware or software, we offer a range of Green Computing Solutions and Services.

  • On-site installation of your hardware and software
  • Deployment of machines across all your sites
  • Setting up your wireless network
  • Configuration of your networks
  • Optimizing your existing infrastructure network
  • Outsourcing your existing IT functions
  • Cloud Computing Services