Logicaltech E-Learning Solutions


What do we do?


We specialise in corporate, vocational and tertiary sectors using collaborative, blended learning or a flipped classroom model. LogicalTech E-Learning will work with you to turn your content and learning ideas into engaging, collaborative learning experiences with measurable outcomes.

LogicalTech E-Learning delivery


Let us develop or take your professional learning and training courses into the cloud and deliver them to your people on any platform and on mobile devices as an app. Mobile development one of our main strengths.

What makes good E-Learning? What makes E-Learning good?


We use principles of well-designed learning including real-life work scenarios, real voices and characters, and learning communities where learners can collaborate on their learning journey in a supportive, engaging environment.

What if you already have a course?


We can work with you to transform classroom-based courses into relevant and engaging online learning using synchronous and asynchronous technologies and range of interactive technologies. In the process we will review compliance and ensure that any learning gaps are correctly managed.

What tools and technology do we use?


Our conten-creation tools include Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, Audacity and Apple Final Cut Pro X, Audacity, Augmented Reality. Need an LMS? We implement and support Moodle as well as proprietary LMS’s.

Is it learner centred?


With LogicalTech E-Learning you can be sure that learners will be engaged throughout the learning experience. We talk to your people, listen to their needs, then include them in the course design process.

Can you use our own talent in your learning modules?


We are able to identify the acting, presenting and voice talents of your staff and let them become the ‘stars’ of your E-learning courses, while creating a ‘buzz’ around E-Learning and saving production costs.

Can you support clients in developing their own courses?


LogicalTech can provide the software and pedagogical training you need to develop E-learning modules, assessments, compliance documents and other course resources. Discover ways to create learning with impact.

Need extra IT services?


LogicalTech has specialised in IT services since 1986, so we can also advise you on systems integration and database management.

Call us today


For further discussion on E-Learning please call David Isaacson on 03 8643 6448 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it