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Digital Signage - Any Weather, Anywhere, Factory Price Digital Signs

Advertisers globally are moving to digital formats that allow information to be broadcast for multiple concurrent advertisers anywhere, anytime. LogicalTech Digital removes the barriers to switching billboards to digital formats with patented, innovative and proven technology that is more reliable, easier to maintain and program, and less costly than competing solutions.

As a full service technology provider Logicaltech Digital takes the risk out of moving to digital signs. With our ad content delivery, advanced modular technology and full service, your digital advertising need never be out of action. We are your dedicated solution provider for “always-on” outdoor digital advertising - we don’t just sell you the hardware.

LTD strategy for digital signage is to provide a system that deliver content to any digital display be it a LapTop, LCD or Plasma screen, TV or LED sign both indoor and outdoor. Content can be downloaded to all signs and sizes using our EzeAds software or from any other source with an HDMI output.

Content can be defined as:

Messaging: For community benefit such as local notices of events, emergency situations like bushfires and transport issues with traffic flow or serious accidents.

Advertising: Content in advertising form can be delivered to all sizes of screens in all locations, indoor and outdoor via The Cloud on a networked basis or via direct input into individual signs.

Interactive: Being digital the signs can be interactive and provide downloads of information and data as well as be connected for competitions and the like. Our proprietary software can also be used in digital games to provide changing content for product placement within the game.

LogicalTech Digital has developed its own firmware and hardware for LED signs that work with all content providers.

Press Release July 2013 (Download to read more):
St Bede’s Mentone Tigers score with DIY advertising via cloud using EzeAds from LogicalTech Digital.



Why LogicalTech Digital?

2kg Super Light
At only 2 kg per tile, can be easily mounted to an existing billboard with little eff ort.
24x7 Always On
Keep messages running around the clock to ensure constant communication.
wirefree No Wires, No Hassles
Connect instantly to one or more signs from any location, any time.
auto_monitor Automated Monitoring
Self-diagnosis sends alerts of faults and automatically notifies for maintenance.
green Green & Clean
Requires minimal energy to run and is environmentally friendly.
weather All-weather
Rugged and durable construction for outdoor weather conditions.



  • Increase flexibility & advertising revenues
  • Light weight with DIY install simplicity
  • “Always - ON” reliability you hoped for but haven’t seen until now
  • All size signs and networks
  • Advertising software that simply delivers

LogicalTech Digital’s superior digital LED sign technology is a finely crafted innovation that is environmentally friendly

  • High Cost Paper and Plastics to Low Cost Digital - Digital signage eliminates the need for the continual production of paper, plastic and vinyl advertising signs.
  • Low Energy Consumption and High Efficiency - LogicalTech Digital pursues lowest power consumption designs with efficient use of premium high brightness, high efficiency, and low energy LED components.
  • Low Carbon Footprint and Green Recycling - The rugged, weatherproof and durable ultra-thin tiles eliminate up to 80% of manufactured material weight of competitor signs.
  • Low Energy Operation - In-built SmartSensor™ technology monitors internal sign performance and ambient light. It self-adjusts to ensure that optimum LED brightness is delivered day or night.

We can assist you in deciding what range of Digital products will best suit the solution you are looking for. Call us on 1300 858 117 for a competitive pricing on all Digital products.

For more information on LogicalTech Digital Signage Technologies - Download to read more

For more information on LogicalTech Digital Signage GREEN LIGHT - Download to read more


LogicalTech Digital’s superior digital LED sign technology is a finely crafted innovation that is environmentally friendly