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Industry Telecommunications
Overview Telstra was required to find a partner to design, build, operate and manage the large scale and highly secure Integrated Public Number Database. LogicalTech met Telstra’s need with an extremely successful solution using Oralce, UNIX and SUN technology systems. LogicalTech’s management of the IPND provides Telstra with full service. This has lowered the cost of ownership and operational costs over the life of the system.
Industry Manufacturing
Overview LogicalTech SysTalk implemented an interface for BevChain and enabled the application to integrate with this major industry-specific logistics service. Resulting in a platform with quick and easy business process automation, better control of error handling, standardised data transfer, and fully automated application.
Industry Distribution
Overview LogicalTech developed a Windows Mobile Solution that provided a customised business application for the sales and order fulfilment teams. Bunzl now saves 56 labour hours every day. The mobile solution gave a return on investment (ROI) within three months.
Industry Government
Overview An increased number of staff were using their smart phones for work and Colac Otway Shire Council needed to upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to cater for this trend. LogicalTech carried out the migration of Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007 with Mobility functionality.
Industry Financial Services
Overview Due to increased demand on eNett’s main application, the company needed more flexibility in processing security and expansion. LogicalTech solved the issue by redesigning the application to be more modular and expandable. This provided eNett with the desired flexibility. The redesign also increased processing security.
Industry Local Government
Overview The Council needed to update their standard operating environment (SOE), including all desktops. The two-stage approach involved analysing the strategic requirements and deploying the new standard operating environment.
Industry Banking and Finance
Overview The NAB Homeside division needed an intranet system that could cater for the rapidly increasing number of users. LogicalTech built an intranet that met user needs including improved delivery, scalability, flexibility and reporting.
Industry Manufacturer (Sailing and Rigging)
Overview Ronstan manufacture and distribute over 4.9 million units of sailing and rigging equipment each year. By outsourcing their IT with LogicalTech Ronstan have saved upto 30% on IT costs.
Industry Telecommunications
Overview LogicalTech SysTalk analysed the client’s needs before designing and building a framework to enable quick and easy integration of all sites. Sattel have surpassed their competitors with LogicalTech’s innovative solution for implementing container systems.
Industry Telecommunications
Overview Telstra needed to lower the cost of operating the required hardware and software for the Integrated Public Number Database. LogicalTech delivered a solution that involved redesigning and revising the IT architecture while maintaining uninterrupted 24x7 operation.
Industry Manufacturer
Overview The system now enables quick additions and integration between new and existing clients.  The integration involves clients across Australia and the USA and has resulted in a considerably higher return on investment (ROI).
Industry Government
Overview Parks Victoria requires a mobile strategy to support mobile staff who have diverse and complex requirements. LogicalTech developed a Mobility Strategy that aligned the organisational business drivers and IT strategy.
Industry Government
Overview LogicalTech deliver leading edge High Availability architecture solution using Oracle Gold Image technology to Government Agency.